This meeting was the last official Board meeting.  This season has been PUT ON HOLD, with early games canceled in accordance with he state and local restrictions 

JANUARY 29, 2020
  1.  TREASURER’S REPORT:  Dave Greenberg presented a thorough explanation of the League’s financial status from 2017 to 2019.  He compared the aforementioned financial records to the proposed 2020 budget.  Expenses have been relatively constant over the past three years, however, there will be slight increases in the BBQ and Board of Directors meeting expenses line items for the 2020 season. The League Fee for each team will remain at $600.00 per team for the 2020 season.  The budget for the 2020 season was unanimously passed.
  1. EXPANSION STATUS:  Gene reported that 18 new players have registered from Sussex County for 2020 season that includes 10 players qualifying for the 60’s division and 8 players qualifying for 70’s division.  If this trend continues for the next couple of months, we will definitely consider expansion by placing one team in each division bringing the total of teams in the League to 18.
  1. ROSTERS:  Al Cheli requested that each manager present a brief report of their roster status.  It was concluded all teams have an average of 15-18 players on their rosters.  However, there are one or two teams with a high of 20 players with some of teams with a low of 14.  The Amigos will need a player or two.  The priority will be to complete the expansion team rosters and remaining players will be assigned to existing teams. Al emphasized that if an expansion team is short a player or two when the season starts, the opposing team will lend them a player to play the game rather than having a forfeit.  He also reiterated that March will be the month when we will see an increase in new player interest.  ALL MANAGERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO SUBMIT A TENTATIVE ROSTER TO GENE AND AL BY FEBRUARY 15TH THAT INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION:  NAME OF PLAYER, ADDRESS, DATE OF BIRTH E-MAIL ADDRESS, AND PHONE NUMBER.   
  1. LEAGUE SURVEY:  Frank Shapiro described, in detail, a League composite review of age brackets in each division by team.  The League has a total of 303 players with 63.3% of which are in the age group of 70 and above.  Within that group, 37.6% of the players are between the ages of 70-75 and 25.87% are between the ages of 75-80 plus.  Conversely, 36.6% of players are between the ages of 60-69.  Of the 108 players in the Slocum Division, 63 are between the ages of 76 and above.  Because of these statistics, the League may want to consider realigning the divisions, in the future, to establish competing teams in more than two age brackets.  For example, 60-68, 69-76, and 77-84+ with mandatory movement of players into the next bracket when they surpass the upper limit of each bracket.
  1. RULES AND BYLAW PROPOSALS: Bill Perlman reviewed and explained the various rule proposals as determined by the Rules and By-laws Committee.  All rules proposals were appropriately voted on by the Board and passed with 16-0 approval.  A copy of the Rules and By-laws including all approved changes will be sent to all managers via e-mail as part of these minutes.  It is recommended that you bring a copy of these rules to all scheduled games to avoid and clarify misinterpretations and practices during competition.
  1. ASSESMENT ITEMS: Al Falco requested all managers to utilize and incorporate the following to keep the games moving and decrease the length of games.  (1) Have the batting lineup posted somewhere near the team bench so players are aware when to bat.  (2) Encourage batters to be prepared to bat by having bats in hand, batting gloves on, and immediately stepping onto the batter box after the play is over.  (3) Have players prepared to take their place in the coaches’ box and knowing what players will be taking the responsibility if umpiring in the field and at home-plate. (4) Keep accurate score-books by checking the score after each inning with the opposing manager.
  1. FIELD ACCOMMODATIONS:  We are still seeking playing fields in Sparta.  Al Cheli and Gene Stracco have an appointment with the Director of Parks and Recreation of Morris Township on Friday, February 7th at 10:00 a.m. to discuss possible field use and assistance in seeking additional players.
  1. TOURNAMENTS:  The Senior Olympic Games will be held in Fort Lauderdale Florida in November of 2021.  However, the qualifying New Jersey tournaments will be held in September of 2020.  These games may interfere with the Cape Cod Games for the 65-70 age group.  We will obtain more information from Mike Garamella, in the near future, regarding the qualifying games.  Al Cheli assisted by Gene Stracco are attempting to form a team in the 70-74 age group for the Huntsmans Games scheduled for October 2020.
Respectfully submitted by Gene Stracco