As per Mike Michalisin and Bill Perlman's e-mail, please read and be prepared to discuss the changes in the Rules and the By-Laws at our meeting on Wednesday.  There is a new proposed change to the By-law regarding the Responsibilities of the Commissioner.  That proposed amendment is as follows: 

"The Commissioner shall the authority to suspend, fine, or ban a player from the League for inappropriate behavior as stated in the Code of Ethics.  The Commissioner could seek the advisement from the Executive Committee and the Rules and By-laws Committee as deemed necessary to implement this disciplinary action."

Please refer to the Code of Ethics which is one of the documents that I requested you bring to the meeting.

Thanks Gene


We have a few details to discuss and, hopefully, we can conclude this meeting be 11:45 a.m. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.  The agenda will be as follows:

1.  Treasurer's and dues report --David Greenberg

2.  Tentative rosters and new players--Al Cheli

3.  Explanation of schedule--Frank Shapiro  (It would be prudent if you bring a copy with you to the meeting)

4.  Rules and By-Laws-- Mike Michalisin ( again, bring a copy of minutes of the last meeting with you to the meeting)

5.  Board of Directors update--Gene Stracco

6.  Use of e-mail lists--Gene Stracco

7.  State Tournament Dates 50's, 60's,70's, and 80's--Gene Stracco

8.  Equipment and Materials distribution--Gene Stracco

9.  Items for the good of the order


ATTENDANCE:  All teams were represented except the Jerzee Boyz
TREASURER’S REPORT:  David reviewed the finances of the League and requested that all managers begin collecting League dues for the 2019 season.  He also reviewed the types of equipment that need to be ordered including balls, strike-plates, bases, ice packs, and etc.
SCHEDULING:  Frank Shapiro explained and analyzed the tentative schedule.
FIELD AVAILABILITY:  The following fields have been tentatively approved from the designated municipalities.
Randolph- Brundage Park, Freedom Park, Sussex Brundage (if needed)
West Orange:  O’Connor Park fields 1, 2 and 3 (if needed)
Montville:  Masar Field
Loantaka Park:  Fields 1 and 2
Landing Field is not available
NEW PLAYERS and ROSTERS:  Al Cheli reminded the Board that new players WILL be placed on teams.  So far, we have new registration forms and Al will contacting managers to place these players on their teams.  We don’t want to turn anyone away and reduce their enthusiasm about playing.  We have experienced in the past that there are weeks during the season where teams cannot field at least 10 players.  These additional players can prevent that situation and also can assist some teams who are plagued with injuries.
RULES AND REGULATIONS:  The Committee will submit three proposals for discussion at the meeting
  1. The authority of the Commissioner to suspend players for inappropriate behavior.
  2. The use of the 1-2 count for the second game.
  3. The use of screens to protect pitchers.
Submitted by:  Gene Stracco