The following is a comprehensive agenda for our League meeting scheduled for Wednesday Dec. 4th at the Randolph Diner starting at 9:30 sharp.  As you can see, this agenda is quite long and we will need your input and cooperation dealing with some of these important issues. We may be calling for a vote on some of these items to provide a clearer direction for the 2020 season. If you cannot attend, please provide a designate with voting authority.  Please bring a copy of this agenda to the meeting.  Any questions, please call me

 1.  Treasurer's Report- Proposed Budget-Dave Greenberg

 2.  Review of Special Assessment Committee  --Al Falco

 3.  Overview of the status of Morris County Senior Softball--Frank Shapiro

 4.  New Jersey Senior Olympics-Qualifying year--Mike Garamella

 5.  Rosters, Team Parity, Expansion--Al Cheli

 6.  League Re-alignment-Gene Stracco

 7.  Rain out proposal--Gene Stracco

 8.  Game scheduling--Frank Shapiro

 9.  Field Availability--Harry Rosenthal, Al Falco, Gene Stracco

10.  Pitcher Protection--a proposal by Bob Failla

11.  Proposed rule change -Bill Perlman( a vote will not taken at this meeting)

Tournaments tentative dates:

     80's State Tournament---Thurs.  May 21th--rain date Thurs. May 28th

     70's State Team Tournament--Thurs June 11th--rain date Thurs. June 18

     70"s All Star Tournament--- Thurs.Aug. 20th--rain date Thurs. Aug 27th

     60's State Tournament ----Sat. Aug. 22  rain date Sun. Aug 23rd

     50's State Tournament---Sat. July 25th  rain date Sun. Aug 26th

      Cape Cod 65's 9/10-12, 70's and 75's 9/14-9/16

      Qualifying New Jersey Senior Olympics 9/9-9/10