Here is the list of our Executive Board of Directors members who can be contacted directly by e-mail, or through our "Contact Us." Use the list below for of names to contact anyone directly. Email addresses are on the next section under the heading of Directors and Managers.

Commissioner_____________ Gene Stracco
Assistant To The Commissioner_____________
Al Cheli  Rosters and Player Coordinator

Scheduling, Research & Analyst__________________      
David Greenberg Finance/Publicity

Tom Hafner
Coordinator - Ages 50+
Week Night Division________ 

Tony Ciavatta
Coordinator -Tuesday 
 59+Morning Division________

Al Cheli
Coordinator - Saturday
59+Morning Division________     

Al Cheli

Coordinator - Tuesday 69+ Morning Division___________

Coordinator  Fall 69+

Gene Stracco


Interleague Play _______
Frank Shapiro

Frank Shapiro

Rules & By Laws__________ Bill Perlman
Umpires Coordinator________ Gordon LeMatty
Registrar_________________  Al Cheli
Player Recruitment_________