A mangers meeting was held at Brundage Park Pavillion on Tuesday 
April 13.  All managers and the Board were present.  A review of the 2021/2022 financial report was given by Dave Greenberg.  Bill Perlman reviewed a few rule changes.  Al Cheli reviewed the status of the players  and the possible list of available players not assigned to teams. Frank Shapiro reviewed the status of the fall league that is moving forward and will start after the end of the regular season.  Gene welcomed Walt Drag, the manager of the new Sussex 70's team in the Slocum Division. Gene reviewed the procedure for getting waivers signed for several towns that require signatures from each person on the team.  Bobby Fialla introduced the rules regarding the pitcher screen that will be used when playing the Padres this season.  Keys were given out for the lock boxes for West Orange.  Tom Hafner reviewed the schedules and the stats of the teams and players.  

The new equipment was handed out to each manager, including the softballs, score books, antibiotic sprays, first aid kids, ice packs, masks and clipboards.  There will be two weeks of practice, that Gene discussed with the managers.  April 20th and 27th, with the first game of the season starting on May 4th.

As an aside, many managers donated used softball and baseball equipment that is no longer needed to Dave Greenberg, who is helping a  13 year old boy from Flanders fulful his desire to help impoverished youngsters around the country and in 100 countries around the world get these balls, bats, gloves, and shoes to an charatable organization called Pitch In For Baseball and Softball.
Anyone interested in donating gently used equipment no longer needed, contact Dave Greenberg at pepecatz@aol.com